Monday, September 22, 2008

all that glitters.

First day back in LA and:

1. i got a parking ticket. bastards.

2. i saw someone driving around apartment side in a rolls. i need to be their friend. stat.

3. i met lorelai gilmore. my life is now complete.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i fly like paper.

I forgot about this thing. I think most people did. I promise I'll get better though, I might even start spilling my guts online which might make my future in the real world less successful than the fab life I covet. (although, generally it takes a really awkward moment, a game of 10 fingers, or +5 years of knowing me for me to spill my guts. I'm like the sphinx. rawr.)

In any case in the past month I:

-turned 21. hellz yeah.
-went to vegas. pre 21. suckas.
-narrowed down the grad school list (and decided firmly against berkely since they'd probably laugh my fashionista ass right out of the mud hut that is their grad school.)
-...and cut off all my hair. 

I still can't decide which of these is the biggest accomplishment. Maybe it's my new collection of over sized rings.

More to come: fluffy and cq meet the giant balloon dog, the prodigal journey back to la and all that comes with it---primarily the love triangle of which I have somehow made a square.